sterling silver, liver of sulfur patina 2 x 2 x 0.6 cm 2017

This piece taught me a lot about going with the flow. That I don’t always have to stick to my original design. When the setting fell apart I decided to go a totally different direction.

Texturing started as a plain ring blank which I carved down and sized. The top was flattened, so it could later accommodate a stone setting. The ring was sprued, invested, and placed in the kiln, and I cast it in sterling silver the following day. The surface was cleaned up with files and sandpaper and then annealed. To create the texture, I repeatedly stamped the exterior of the ring. I wanted to bring out the valleys made by this process, so I submerged the piece in liver of sulfur. I buffed the exterior with steel wool and high polished the interior and top of the ring.