Want to be a Model?


It want to celebrate transgender and non-binary people!

I would love to make a collection of pieces, like the one above, to showcase the diversity of the trans experience. I want to normalize all people in the community, no matter where they are in the spectrum or in their transition. Each person’s journey is unique, yet we have similar struggles and triumphs. We come together for acceptance and support.

The pieces would be part of a collection, so I would like them to be visually similar. To achieve this there would be certain requirements:

  • Models would need to be 18+

  • Models would pose nude or mostly nude

  • Poses can vary for comfort and to obscure parts of the body

  • Pieces will be named based on preferred name, age, gender identity, and pronouns

If you would like to be a model for one of these pieces, or know someone who might, please contact me!

  • In the subject type modeling

  • In the message, briefly let me know about yourself and your journey!

  • Also let me know your preferred name, age, gender identity, and pronouns (or lack there of)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me!