sterling silver 3.2 x 2.9 x 0.7 cm 2017

This ring was my very first time working with wax and centrifugal casting. There were a lot of mistakes made, but also a lot of learning along the way. This piece was driven by experimentation with the newly introduced materials and techniques. Hugs helped to cement my love for designing and making one of a kind jewelry.

Hugs began as a thick wax disk, which was hollowed and sized. Large chunks were removed with a jewelry saw, and the wax was smoothed with small tools. It was during this time that the top snapped into two pieces (an accident which inspired Encircle). I was able to repair it by heating the sides and holding it together. I then sprued, invested, and placed the piece in the kiln. The following day I cast for the first time. The band needed refining with files, sandpaper, and steel wool. Finally, I heated the ring to raise the fine silver.