sterling silver, liver of sulfur patina 2.6 x 2.4 x 1 cm 2017

This was one of my first times working with wax and casting. Working with wax really helped me in my transition from 2D to 3D work. It was such a great learning experience and when I truly fell in love with metals. The design for Encircle was actually inspired by the break that occurred while making my first ring, Hugs.

Encircle began as a thin, round wax disk. I carved out the center and sized it. The surface was smoothed with small wax tools. I delicately carved the top to form the two hooks. The ring was then sprued, invested, and placed in the kiln. The following day I cast the band with sterling silver and refined it with files and sandpaper. I used a stamp to create the indentations and darkened them with liver of sulfur. The excess was buffed away and, the ring was further polished.