Drowning in the Shallow End

copper, liver of sulfur patina 3.5 x 3.5 x 2 in 2018

I made this piece during a particularly difficult part of this year. Everything was overwhelming, but it seemed like everyone else around me was handling the pressure. I felt paralyzed and like I couldn’t breathe. That was until I began making this vessel. The technique of angle raising allowed me a physical release for my anxiety and depression. I wanted this piece to reflect my emotional turmoil. I did this by giving the vessel a watery texture. It reminds me of how light passes through water as seen from the bottom of a pool.

Drowning began as a flat disk of 18g copper. It slowly took shape over many rounds of angle raising and planishing. To achieve the texture, I only used the rounded side of the planishing hammer. I refined the surface of the metal with sandpaper and steel wool. I then placed the vessel in a bath of liver of sulfur. The rim and exterior were buffed back with steel wool and a brass brush. I gently went over the interior with steel wool to help bring out the texture.