Choking Wings

fine silver, sterling silver, garnets wings- 3.3 x 2 x 0.3 cm chain- 40 cm 2018

This necklace formed out of my struggles with my compulsive need to “save” people in my life. It is about how I was stifling myself while I attempted to uplift others. For me, the necklace is quite uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time because it digs into my skin and restricts movement. This is meant to physically represent the pain and anxiety I was feeling. The circular links lends to the cyclical nature of my actions. The wings themselves are small and withered and set with blood red garnets.

The fine silver links are methodically made by fusing the silver to itself and heating one side, so it forms a ball. The links are then delicately woven together. The wings were made by sweat soldering two pieces of sterling silver. Silver tubing was also cut and soldered into the wings, so garnets could be set.